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Sometimes, the gravity of small things ripples in my head. Thinking, and overthinking, and rethinking. Have I not been a good friend? Did they take offense in something I said? Was it something I did not say? Why wasn’t there a reply for me but one for someone else? Do I know what I’m doing? Is it a petty matter? I guess I’ll never really know, if I just keep thinking to myself.




Lately there have been some heavy thoughts on my mind, mostly about how people can be so judgmental. People around me have been judged and compared and assumed about without others actually getting to know them and what they’re capable of and it’s just so unfair. It’s like a disease in today’s society. Just because you look a certain way or come from certain schools doesn’t mean anything until you’ve proven something about who you are. Sometimes I don’t like talking about schools with other people because they tend to judge me because of where I come from, or compare me to themselves. I feel bad sometimes because others deserve certain opportunities as much as I do but they don’t get them just because of how others rank importance of schools. I always end up wishing we both got the same chances. Some tend to talk about me like I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth based solely on my appearance, the school I come from, and how I talk in English sometimes. I feel it’s discriminatory to some extent and get offended when they think I didn’t experience the same things they did like eating street food or watching local television shows. I’m not so different from them, and I’m not rich either. People have to ease up on being so judgmental and assuming so that everyone would feel equal and have the same chances no matter who you are, what school you came from, or how you live your life. Just wanted to put this out there.