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Sometimes, the gravity of small things ripples in my head. Thinking, and overthinking, and rethinking. Have I not been a good friend? Did they take offense in something I said? Was it something I did not say? Why wasn’t there a reply for me but one for someone else? Do I know what I’m doing? Is it a petty matter? I guess I’ll never really know, if I just keep thinking to myself.


The Obligatory Birthday Wish List


My birthday’s coming up this weekend and as is customary, I thought of coming up with a wish list for the people buying gifts for me. (Hahaha, feeling!) LOL. Okay so here goes! :))

1. Charm bracelet/bracelet charms

– You know how people get charms for every memory they treasure? I wanna do something of that sort for myself. I like stuff with stories! Or maybe just a unique charm bracelet somewhere. Or charm bracelets in general. Or bracelets. I like bracelets. πŸ˜€

2. A good book

– Examples of books I like are Stardust, Beyond Ever After, ICE, and other whimsical/fictional/ethereal/it-has-fairies-and-mermaids-or-imaginary-whatevers sort of book :))

3. Sour candy

– I LOVE SOUR CANDY. Need I explain? :))

4. A small pillow

– I want to fix my bed and maybe in the mornings make it look like a day bed for fun and apparently I need throw pillows or small pillows to be able to get the look so I could use a few. :>

5. Something Nick Jonas

– No, I’m not kidding. For some time, I’ve wanted something from their website. Those little trinkets/charms. HAHA. This is the teenage fangirl in me speaking I’m so sorry. :)) Or make him tweet me. As if.. HAHA. Hi, don’t unfriend me please. Hehehehe.

6. Anything that reminds you of me

– Yiieee, you were thinking of me! Haha, kidding. Just anything really. I’m happy with anything anyone thinks of giving me. I’m a really appreciative person. *cough, laptop, cough* HAHA JK. But yeah you get it.. :))

I may add to this list but as of now, this is it. Teehee! :>


It’s my unbirthday today,