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Sometimes, the gravity of small things ripples in my head. Thinking, and overthinking, and rethinking. Have I not been a good friend? Did they take offense in something I said? Was it something I did not say? Why wasn’t there a reply for me but one for someone else? Do I know what I’m doing? Is it a petty matter? I guess I’ll never really know, if I just keep thinking to myself.


Update Catch-up #1: So I’m employed again


I’ve been back to work since September 10th, which partially explains why I haven’t been posting as often as I used to. 😛 I like my job, it’s comfortable, near Dad, and creative. The people here are nice and friendly and I feel welcome among them. 😀 So what do I do? I’m a Communications Management Specialist (..or something of that sort; a name that long I won’t get right haha!) and I basically help manage the blog and Twitter handle intended for the employees of the company. I help keep them informed about stuff like promos, new products, announcements, and that sort of stuff. From time to time I’m asked to post articles on the blog and it allows me to doodle stuff for thumbnails and whatnot so I do get to share my art in a small way. 🙂 Anyway, I still dread waking up early but I’ve never really totally not wanted to go, which I suppose is a good thing. The only problem I have about getting to work is my brother. Haha! We still ride together and he’s dropped off first all the time to save gas. Sometimes he finishes getting ready late so I end up being late to work. Okay sometimes it’s my fault but a lot of times it’s no one’s really. It’s always been the traffic in the area of his school that’s been the problem. I hope that situation improves otherwise I’ll have to get up even earlier and when I do I always end up hungry, or forgetting something. Anyway, point is I’ve got work and it’s nice. Plus points now that technically me, Dad, and Mia are now officemates. Teehee. 😀


Being pretend grown-up,


The Obligatory Birthday Wish List


My birthday’s coming up this weekend and as is customary, I thought of coming up with a wish list for the people buying gifts for me. (Hahaha, feeling!) LOL. Okay so here goes! :))

1. Charm bracelet/bracelet charms

– You know how people get charms for every memory they treasure? I wanna do something of that sort for myself. I like stuff with stories! Or maybe just a unique charm bracelet somewhere. Or charm bracelets in general. Or bracelets. I like bracelets. 😀

2. A good book

– Examples of books I like are Stardust, Beyond Ever After, ICE, and other whimsical/fictional/ethereal/it-has-fairies-and-mermaids-or-imaginary-whatevers sort of book :))

3. Sour candy

– I LOVE SOUR CANDY. Need I explain? :))

4. A small pillow

– I want to fix my bed and maybe in the mornings make it look like a day bed for fun and apparently I need throw pillows or small pillows to be able to get the look so I could use a few. :>

5. Something Nick Jonas

– No, I’m not kidding. For some time, I’ve wanted something from their website. Those little trinkets/charms. HAHA. This is the teenage fangirl in me speaking I’m so sorry. :)) Or make him tweet me. As if.. HAHA. Hi, don’t unfriend me please. Hehehehe.

6. Anything that reminds you of me

– Yiieee, you were thinking of me! Haha, kidding. Just anything really. I’m happy with anything anyone thinks of giving me. I’m a really appreciative person. *cough, laptop, cough* HAHA JK. But yeah you get it.. :))

I may add to this list but as of now, this is it. Teehee! :>


It’s my unbirthday today,


Time Flies


You know when they say time flies when you’re having fun? I’ve experienced that firsthand these past few months. It’s been so crazy I haven’t had the time to say anything about everything that has happened so far! It’s like I can literally feel the sands of time slipping through my fingers (Naks, that sounds so sosyal hahaha!). Well I’ll find the time to update sooner or later but if you want the short version, here you go: I’m employed and semi-liking it, I’ve watched the Jonas Brothers live with my best friend and sister, Mia, and my best friend’s sister, Maryose, I’ve been to some parts of Europe, and my birthday’s coming up this weekend. Just saying all that feels so surreal even now. I’ll be talking about all of that sooner or later (with photos if I don’t get lazy, hehe) along with a birthday wishlist I may post tonight.

Trying to catch up,


What I want is still vague


I envy people who already know what they wanna do, and those who already are doing what they wanna do. :/ Having a job is a need for me at the moment that’s true but it’s not something I want. In fact, I’m not sure what I want. I don’t even know what I want to do in terms of having a job. No job description really applies to me unless it’s one of those random odd jobs like being a hotel sleeper (?). I like that they get to test hotel rooms and sleep in them and get paid for just that! Haha! Apparently there are experts in that field. It puzzles me but hey lucky them! 😀  After watching several episodes of DC Cupcakes however, I realized one of the things I do strongly want is some business of my/our own. Something that I can use to exercise my creativity and at the same time share with family and maybe friends too. I want what Katherine and Sophie have, a business together as sisters, and with their mom too. It’s hard work yes but they always have fun. 😀 Not too mention they make gorgeous and delicious cupcakes I dream of tasting. Haha. 😛 Maybe someday I’ll have that too, but at the moment, the sort-of corporate world calls. (Well they haven’t called.. but yknow what I mean)

Thinking aloud again,




Life changes in leaps and bounds and there’s nothing I can do about it. A LOT has changed over the years, both good and bad, and there’s nothing we can do to stop that from happening. Right now I’m on a path which is full of twists and sharp turns and I really have no idea where I’m going. Everything is old, and then made new, and changed and reversed, and flipped til I don’t understand anymore. I’m just hoping for the best right now for myself and everyone on this crazy rollercoaster ride. 🙂

On a lighter note, here’s how much my hair has changed over the years (Note: I’ve never had any chemicals put in my hair or whatever so all changes happened naturally hahaha):

 Tadahh! And that’s it for my randomness of the day. :))

Good night!



I love comforting people, cheering them up, and helping them become okay again. Most of the time it works. Lately though it hasn’t been working. These past few instances everything just backfires and all I get is angst from the people I try to help. Another friend of mine before left me (unfriended?) because of that. Maybe everything I say is wrong… maybe it turns out I’m not good at doing this… I just want everyone to be okay.

Have I done anything wrong? Am I a bad friend/person? I just want to help people keep their chin up and be happy. 😦

Sigh. . .

A taste of the corporate world


I woke up today five hours too early, and thirty minutes after Mia did. See, I usually wake up at 10. The last time I woke up this early before this whole job-hunting thing was for a field trip to Taal’s crater in college. I got up, stumbled out of my room, and forced myself to breakfast. I watched colors race across a phone screen in straight lines to the quiet tune of A Lack of Color. I wished I was still in bed. :/ Mia arrived a couple of minutes later. We were both dressed in outfits we wouldn’t normally wear. Needless to say we were immensely sleepy and empty-headed as we rushed to an exam at a company we didn’t intend on working for. We got there an hour early and the snappish lady guards refused to let us in, instead ushering us to the smoking area to wait. At this point we were so sleepy and partially nervous that we felt like barfing. Finally let in 45 minutes later, we staggered in our 5-inch heels across the smooth floor towards the elevators. I just wanted to get this over with, and I’m certain Mia felt the same. The proctor took our resumes and had us sit in uncomfortable chairs to get ready for the exam. A few minutes later, another employee, the HR officer I would later learn, pulled my resume from the pile and took it with her to some other part of the office. Mia and I stared at each other clueless about what was going on. I was then excused from the exam and was told I was to skip the exam portion and be interviewed. Mia took the exam.

My interview was over quickly. It only took a few minutes for the HR officer to take note of my family, my weakness (Math), my intended contribution to their company, and why I applied for a job at a company so unrelated to my course. I also don’t know whether it was just me or that she really feigned interest at anything I was saying because I didn’t graduate from a business course. Later Mia told me she felt the same as she failed to meet their expectations during the exam too. The constant clacking of heels, the employees’ serious faces, and my lack of Math skills told me I wasn’t welcome here. Mia echoed my sentiments. Also, the air conditioning in there had us freezing by the time everything was over! Not to mention our numbed feet due to our heels and the cold. So, the company didn’t appear to like us, and the feeling was mutual. 😛 At least we gave it a shot, right? Well, chalking that up to experience, and our first taste of the corporate world.

Well, hello there! :-)


As I was pondering whether to delete this blog or not, I suddenly noticed people liking my posts linked here from Polyvore. :)) While a lot of the things in those posts are just borrowed from the site and just put together by me, I’m glad people appreciate/like how I put them together and posted them here! Haha. In light of that, maybe I won’t delete it. Unless somebody objects. :> And thank you for the appreciation! 🙂