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Update Catch-up #2: Teenage dream come true


This is an extremely late entry but what the heck. With everything happening right now I haven’t had the time to sit down and write about stuff that’s happened. Getting to the point, I watched the Jonas Brothers live with my bestfriend/sister Mia and her sister Maryose. We’d been waiting for that day for so long and when we first found out, we badly wanted tickets to the show. Mia and Maryose bought ahead cause they had enough savings. I on the other hand didn’t have enough savings to buy the ticket I wanted and was debating with myself whether to buy a different ticket or not. I had only been working for a month and didn’t have my salary yet. I felt helpless (head over heels in the moment.. I.. will stop now hehehe!) and desperate for a chance at seeing my favorite people perform live. 😦 Mia helped me join a contest for it but since it was Facebook-based I was sure it would be difficult. Days before the concert, my salary came in! It wasn’t enough for the ticket I wanted but I was almost there! A flicker of hope! The following day, one of my cousins in law, Ate Yan, messaged me asking how she could help me get a ticket. I thought she was referring to the contest so I told her to just like my entry. Then, she asked if she could send me some additional money to add to what I had so that I could get myself a ticket for sure. I couldn’t believe it! I said okay, thanked her, got the money the next day, and was able to get myself a ticket! My first big splurge! I couldn’t resist. It was Nick Jonas in the flesh. I had to be there! And I was going to be! πŸ˜€ Me and the girls were ecstatic. πŸ˜€

On the day of the concert, I couldn’t contain myself and kept playing their songs and watching their videos while waiting for time to pass so I could go to Mia’s house. I rode with them to the concert. I felt like a giddy high-school girl and my teenage self was going crazy! πŸ˜› (This feeling wouldn’t pass for a long, looong time hehe) Mia said she felt the same so at least I was sure I wasn’t going crazy. HEHE. After a while, we got there, had a quick sort-of dinner of pizza slices, and made our way to the arena. Random party songs were playing and we were sooo hyper. Giddy fans around us though were even worse off and going wild. :))

Moooving on to the concert itself, the front act was a local band fronted by a female lead. We didn’t recognize them but they managed to rile up the people around us singing OPM song covers. Up next was Anna Maria Perez de Tagle. She was a Disney kid and is a Filipina so we liked her very much. She performed song covers both local and foreign, which surprised us because we didn’t know she knew OPM songs like ‘Torete.’ She also performed her own songs which were catchy and light. We liked them. πŸ˜€ She got the crowd riled up even more asking if we were ready for the Jonas Brothers before leaving the stage. A fan fainted once her set ended. Sad how she wasn’t able to catch the Jonas Brothers’ set. :/ After a break and some introductory beats the Jonas Brothers and their band finally took their spots onstage.Β β™₯ I swear in real life they looked like porcelain dolls. Haha! How they got their skin to be so smooth I’ll never know. Maybe it’s a Caucasian thing? :)) Nick looked gorgeousΒ β™₯ I loved him even more so after that. They sang their old songs, new ones, ones mashed up with other currently popular songs, and solo hits. Even their band members sang! It was a relaxed, fun vibe all around. πŸ˜€ One of our favorite parts was when they sang Lovebug and everyone in the crowd sang along! It was amazing. All of it. Unforgettable. I think that was an awesome first treat for myself. πŸ˜€ I’ll post the photos soon but for now, that’s another one off the bucket list. :>


Nick J still has myΒ β™₯,




Today was such a fun Friday that I feel like talking about it here! πŸ˜€ Everyone was more relaxed and smiling and having fun.

In addition to the little elephant puppet my officemate Richelle gave me some days ago, another officemate, Mark, gave me a stuffed monkey. πŸ˜€ I named him Nick J cause Mark claimed he looked like Nick Jonas. :))



Since Mia is my officemate now, we decided to try going out for lunch today. πŸ˜€ We decided on going to an Italian restaurant called Amici which wasn’t too far from our buildings. We ordered Pizza Margherita & Arancini. Both were sooo good! πŸ˜€ We were so happy our cravings were finally satisfied! Pardon the photo quality, my phone isn’t that good hehe!


After lunch, we had an intense brisk walk back to the office because we thought our bosses needed us already! We were feeling panicky but laughed it off when we got there because it turns out the matters we needed to attend to weren’t so urgent. :)) We went through the day having fun ourselves with our friends and officemates and were glad our load was lighter than usual. πŸ˜€ I went home with Mia and had dinner with her sister and lola, they were having camaron! My favorite. How lucky. :> All in all it was a great day!

And just cause I rarely ever do this and feel like it, here’s my outfit today:


I love Fridays especially because we get to dress down and be casual. πŸ˜€ Today I decided to wear my aztec pattern printed top from our family friend Tita Bardotte. I love how it kept me warm in the office! The cut was also unusual and I liked that. I wore it with a grey spaghetti strap top under because it was a bit short. I wore my rust-colored pants from Mango with them because the color matched some of those on my top. πŸ˜› For shoes I went with my usual Topshop flats with studded bows, which I matched with the ring and earring I wore. I said ‘earring’ because on the other ear I wore a rabbit earring. πŸ˜€ Yay!

Aaand that ends this week!


(Photo of me & Mia from a couple days ago, first photo as werking girls! :>)

More Fridays to come,



Update Catch-up #1: So I’m employed again


I’ve been back to work since September 10th, which partially explains why I haven’t been posting as often as I used to. πŸ˜› I like my job, it’s comfortable, near Dad, and creative. The people here are nice and friendly and I feel welcome among them. πŸ˜€ So what do I do? I’m a Communications Management Specialist (..or something of that sort; a name that long I won’t get right haha!) and I basically help manage the blog and Twitter handle intended for the employees of the company. I help keep them informed about stuff like promos, new products, announcements, and that sort of stuff. From time to time I’m asked to post articles on the blog and it allows me to doodle stuff for thumbnails and whatnot so I do get to share my art in a small way. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I still dread waking up early but I’ve never really totally not wanted to go, which I suppose is a good thing. The only problem I have about getting to work is my brother. Haha! We still ride together and he’s dropped off first all the time to save gas. Sometimes he finishes getting ready late so I end up being late to work. Okay sometimes it’s my fault but a lot of times it’s no one’s really. It’s always been the traffic in the area of his school that’s been the problem. I hope that situation improves otherwise I’ll have to get up even earlier and when I do I always end up hungry, or forgetting something. Anyway, point is I’ve got work and it’s nice. Plus points now that technically me, Dad, and Mia are now officemates. Teehee. πŸ˜€


Being pretend grown-up,


Time Flies


You know when they say time flies when you’re having fun? I’ve experienced that firsthand these past few months. It’s been so crazy I haven’t had the time to say anything about everything that has happened so far! It’s like I can literally feel the sands of time slipping through my fingers (Naks, that sounds so sosyal hahaha!). Well I’ll find the time to update sooner or later but if you want the short version, here you go: I’m employed and semi-liking it, I’ve watched the Jonas Brothers live with my best friend and sister, Mia, and my best friend’s sister, Maryose, I’ve been to some parts of Europe, and my birthday’s coming up this weekend. Just saying all that feels so surreal even now. I’ll be talking about all of that sooner or later (with photos if I don’t get lazy, hehe) along with a birthday wishlist I may post tonight.

Trying to catch up,




Okay I meant the title to be a clever variation of the word ‘boho’ but alas it’s not as clever as I thought it was. :)) Anyway! I was so amused and very much liked what Mia and I wore to our reunion with our busmates so I’m doing another outfit post. πŸ˜€ (Also I did say I’d post what I ended up wearing! :D) So here goes!

Our busmates fondly call us ‘twins’ because we were always together and we were best friends/sisters. Our outfits reflected that I think. Haha! πŸ˜€

Mia was wearing a black racerback, a kimono cover-up from F&H, jeans, and flats from The Little Things She Needs πŸ™‚

I was wearing a black embroidered top and striped blue-green skirt from Greenhills and strappy beaded sandals from F21 πŸ™‚

We also both wore matching eagle necklaces from F21! πŸ™‚

Discovering Pixlr Express and/or Outfit Post Attempt


After falling in love with Pixlr‘s O-matic, they’ve come up with Express recently which has filled in the gap that Picnik has left in my heart when they disappeared. Haha! And so here’s one of the test edits I did, an attempt at an outfit post:

So my sisters and I decided it was to be Heels Day on the day we went out and watched a movie together and these are the outfits we came up with! πŸ˜€

Izza’s outfit unfortunately I’m not sure where she got but she was wearing a blue and white wrap (?) top, dark jeans, and brown textured heels πŸ™‚

Mia was wearing a cream/off-white top with knit/embroidered details from Mango, dark wash jeans, and her colorful stripey wedges from Jellybean πŸ™‚

I was wearing a cut-off top with feather print from Topshop, maroon jeans, and aztec heels from VNC πŸ™‚

(And that my friends is a more appropriate outfit post. HAHA. And I honestly do think we all looked great that day! Sorta hippie vibes yay! πŸ˜€ )



Ticking things off the Bucket List!


Back when I made my first Bucket List post, I forgot to include two things I’d previously done before that were part of it. Both of these things I’ve done again recently with the help of my wonderful adopted sisters Mia and Mary Rose. πŸ˜€ Anyway, those two are 1. CookΒ and 2. Have a sleepover. πŸ˜› As I’ve previously posted, the three of us have started to learn how to cook and have been able to cook our first dish last Mother’s Day. πŸ˜€ We made our toffee panna cotta and I forgot to include this in my Bucket List progress post. We did this again last weekend although Mary Rose did most of the cooking and I just helped get the ingredients together. :)) The second one, having a sleepover, has been something I’ve wanted ever since. We could never have anyone over before cause of some hassles and our all being to busy to fix around the house. The first time I had someone over was when Mia slept over due to our early interview the next day. That was so much fun! I love having my sister over, or around, or whatever all the time. πŸ˜€ This time she slept over and brought her sister along! Sooo much fun! πŸ˜€ We went swimming, played Monopoly Deal, and basically had fun hanging out together. I love them both. β™₯Β Cuddles and hugs to you two! :> Haha. Sooo there. Just wanted to add that to my Bucket List Progress. Anyone who wants to read back on my first post is free to do so. πŸ˜€ That’s all! πŸ˜›

LenaΒ β—Š

Aztec Aztonishment! (Twin Tastes)

Aztec Aztonishment! (Twin Tastes)

Reversible dress
€65 – nelly.com

£28 – riverisland.com

B Brian Atwood suede high heels
$2,922 – jildorshoes.com

Brian Atwood peep toe high heels
$794 – neimanmarcus.com

Jeffrey Campbell neon shoes
$110 – shopbop.com

Dolce Vita flat slip on shoes
$85 – zappos.com

Burberry handbag
$898 – matchesfashion.com

Neon jewelry
£130 – myflashtrash.com

Chain necklace
$50 – modcloth.com

Madewell gold bangle
$14 – madewell.com

Mixit shell jewelry
$14 – jcpenney.com

Mannequin Bali
€99 – maisonsdumonde.com

$69 – etsy.com



Today is a special day because 11 years ago on this day, or one of these days, I met my best friend & sister, Mia. πŸ˜€ We met when we became busmates in grade school and have become closer than ever as each year passed. I’m sooo thankful for meeting her because she’s the only one who completely understands me and puts up with everything that I am! πŸ™‚ She’s incredibly supportive and loving and I couldn’t ask for a better sister. πŸ˜€ We spent today out together and it was fun being with her again, as it always is! πŸ˜› So happy 3rd of June sissy! I love you! :*

Photo c/o Mia! πŸ˜€