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Dream Dresses


Last weekend, I was given some champagne-colored chiffon cloth by a bride-to-be to have made into my dress for her upcoming wedding I am to attend. Since then, I’ve been scouring the web for designs to put together to make my own. My personal taste at the moment is very ethereal I think. I like flowing materials, details on sheer, and similar stuff. That being said, I’ve decided I favor three designers at the moment. I’ve always admired Elie Saab‘s designs since famous celebrities wear them to award shows and such. Another one I’ve come to like is Zuhair Murad. He has amazing detail especially in his recent designs! And lastly, I like Veejay Floresca because he has the same eye for detail as the first two. πŸ˜€ I’ll post samples of their dresses below! Opinions? Tell me. πŸ˜€



Here are a couple of dresses from Veejay Floresca (I like his inspiration and how it looks on the dresses!):

Elie Saab (I love the fairy-like dresses):

Zuhair Murad (The flowy material attracted me, as well as the details, esp the tattoo looking dress!):