When I dream, I usually don’t remember about it. I only remember the most vivid or striking ones. My subconscious is a strange, confusing, mostly pleasant wonderland. I think my dreamland is a mix of memories and things I imagine. When I was younger and sickly, I often had dreams of doctors and hospitals. Those I remember among that particular set of dreams are the bad ones. Nightmares, usually. I’d be stuck in a labyrinth of a hospital, sometimes dark and dreary, sometimes way too bright. Sometimes there would be a psycho doctor chasing me down the hallways. Other times I’d be so sick that my hair and teeth would fall out. Other memorable dreams as I grew older include my grandparents, all four of them who passed away when I was young. They’d usually be singing me a lullaby, or eating a favorite snack together. In those dreams it would always be sunny, and we’d always be laughing. Good memories, or should-be memories. 🙂 Recent memorable dreams feature handsome guys who look very much like guys I like in real life. Just last night, I dreamt of being back in school, which was strange considering I’d graduated college last year. I was in a hallway, with classmates I suppose, eyeing a guy who I found cute. He reminded me of someone but I couldn’t remember who. I could see from the corner of my eye that another guy was glancing at me but my friends and I walked by quickly and rushed to our classroom. Later when I got home, I was doing my homework on the kitchen counter for some reason while watching TV. There’s a window in front of our kitchen counter but it was late and no one was outside. Awhile later though, a guy peeked in and smiled at me, I recognized him as another classmate or schoolmate. I smiled back and turned to the TV. I transferred to the couch in the living room which was connected to our kitchen, sitting near the doorway. In a few seconds the guy had picked our lock somehow and sat across me, grinning. He looked a lot like James Marsden. 😀 We watched Lizzie McGuire (I have no idea why, this show doesn’t even show on TV anymore hahaha!) Suddenly my dad came out and I stood up flustered and introduced them to each other. Apparently the guy’s name was Joshua, and apparently I knew him. Surprise, self. HAHA. So they shook hands and Joshua rushed out the door, turning back when my dad had gone back inside their room. He made a kissy face and I moved closer. He kissed my cheek and grinned and laughed before mouthing bye and leaving. Then I woke up. Sadly. :)) I don’t think I’ll be forgetting that one anytime soon!

Enjoy my randomness,


dreams and wishes. 62/365


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